There's no place like /home

Hey, I'm Ashlen. I'm an OpenBSD fanatic, a sysadmin/webdev, and a musician among other things. Passion, a sense of humor (even dad jokes have their place), resilience, humility, kindness, a will to improve, and an open mind are qualities I value in a person.

I maintain for three main reasons:

  1. A personal website is among the freest forms of expression a person can have.

  2. Many sites these days are overengineered and/or hostile to those that value privacy. Developing and hosting a minimal, privacy-respecting website allows me to be the change I want to see in the world.

  3. Writing about and sharing my discoveries so others can benefit from them makes me happy. The pursuit and dissemination of knowledge is in itself meaningful to me.

This site and others like it are a missing link–a way to foster thought, expression, and community. A place where human connection can exist and flourish without some company designing to line their pockets with it. A gentle yet steadfast act of defiance against what the web has become.


  1. My site is also available as a hidden service for those that want/need more privacy. To access the hidden service, use Tor.

  2. GPG encryption using my public GPG Key is preferred when corresponding via email. Remember to attach your public key so I can send an encrypted message back.

  3. Any word with a trailing number enclosed in parentheses, e.g. help(1), is a link to a man(1) page. The number represents the section number of that man page.

  4. In command line examples, a dollar sign ($) represents a shell without root permissions; conversely, an octothorpe (#) represents a shell with root permissions. Root can be acquired via su(1) or doas(1), though the latter is preferred.

  5. I try my best to write readable, comprehensible software. To that end, suggestions and diffs are welcome–mail them to the address above. Thank you.