“Linux can’t do X”

People are quick to suggest a system is incapable of something. Often I see things online saying that Linux is terrible compared to Windows or macOS at handling X, or that it is unfriendly to users. Yet, I know of at least one 77-year-old grandma that learned how to use Linux, and have always been able to find an application to perform the task I needed on Linux. From my point of view, Linux has never been more user-friendly and powerful than it is now.

Usually, I find that mindset is the underlying reason for perceived deficiencies. Remember that Linux is NOT Windows. Often it’s the case that a new favorite program for a specific task isn’t the first one a person tries, or that it may take some effort to learn a new way of doing things. However, that is no reason in itself to discard Linux wholesale.

Linux can’t…

For any of these categories, feel free to use the “List of Applications” ArchWiki entry as a supplementary resource. For the purposes of this article, I will focus only on GUI applications. Even though there are many powerful CLI applications I’m fond of, this article is targeted more toward the beginner.


Linux is quite capable at gaming. It may not play every Windows game (though it approaches that point asymptotically). However, the library of playable games is broader than it has ever been.

Handle photos

Paint digitally

Edit videos

Produce audio

Do CAD (computer-aided design)

Process documents

Be user-friendly

Linux is powerful

Here are some places Linux can be found:

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