“Linux can't do X”

I'll take off my OpenBSD hat for a moment to address something that's bothered me for a while.

People are quick to suggest a system is incapable of something; sometimes, these people have never even booted the system they're criticizing. Yet they seem to magically know its limitations.

People denounce Linux in many areas, from gaming to photo editing to user-friendliness. Realistically, Linux is sufficient for most people's needs. If Linux is good enough for a 77-year-old grandma with dementia, it's probably good enough for you.

Usually, I find that mindset is the underlying reason for perceived deficiencies. Remember that Linux is NOT Windows.

Alleged incapabilities

For any of these categories, feel free to use the “List of Applications” ArchWiki entry as a supplementary resource.

  1. “Linux can't game.“

    I'll concede Linux can't play every Windows game, but let me ask you this: if Linux supports more games than most people can play in a lifetime, does it matter that it doesn't support every single game out there? Linux can play more games than any console I can think of.

  2. “Linux can't handle photos.“

    Mostly comes from people used to the Adobe suite. It's also not true. Differences in software design/workflow != deficient software.

  3. “Linux can't do digital painting.“

  4. “Linux can't do video editing.“

  5. “Linux can't do audio production.“

  6. “Linux can't do CAD (computer-aided design).“

  7. “Linux can't do word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.“

  8. “Linux isn't user-friendly.“

Linux is powerful

If you're still not convinced that Linux is good enough for your needs, here are some places you can find Linux:

Want to use Linux?

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